Frequently Asked Questions - Site2Corp India

How do I add my company on your website?
You cannot add your company onto Site2Corp manually. We automatically add Indian companies which are registered through Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). If you haven't already registered for a new company can visit MCA Web Portal to know the steps.

How do I remove or hide my company or director information?
All of the information shown on Site2Corp are obtained from official records. We do not alter or remove any details provided by the public domain. If you wish to change your details, you must contact Ministry of Corporate Affairs. To make the changes you must complete and submit details on MCA Web Portal.

How long is the data accessible for?
The data are accessible on our web site as long as the information is available publicly via Site2Corp.

I wish to make a complaint what do I do?
If you wish file a complaint, please do so by contacting us. We will consider all complaints seriously and take the necessary actions to resolve your case.

Where do you source or obtain all your data from?
All data on our website are sourced from public bodies such as Ministry of Corporate Affairs for India.

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