Kenya Prisons Recruitment 2024/2025 Dates, Center, Requirements

Kenya Prisons Recruitment 2024/2025 Dates, Center, Requirements

Acquire deep knowledge on how to get through Kenya Prisons recruitment process 2024 as we unveil to you the dates, center, requirements for application, submission deadline and other pivotal information that will help you ace the process.

Has it always been your wish to service in the paramilitary like prison service? This guide is here to help! We have provided breakdown of the entire process and if you’re among persons who showed interest to get the latest news about Kenya Prisons Service (KPS) recruitment then you’re on the right page.

Not to worry, we have outlined the step by step process through which you apply for any of the announced positions. What you have to do is ensure you carefully read through the entire process.

About Kenya Prison Service

The prison service has the vision of coming a correctional service with outstanding excellence in execution of duties both in Africa and the world at large.

As a service guided by pivotal values such as justice, integrity and teamwork, her mission is to ensure the safety of humans to enhance responsive administration of justice.

Her mandate also includes conducting reformation programmes through counselling, training, and vocation for offenders.

Over the years of her existence, innovation and massive transformations have been introduced, making the Kenya Prison not viewed as a detention facility only but also as a correctional and rehabilitative facility for offenders, criminals, law breachers, and convicts.

Moreover, to maintain the country’s morals and abide by the constitution, the Kenya Prison Service has to recruit new public personalities into the system.

Developing interest to work in the service may come as a result of your readiness to help cleanse the society of social vice or menace.

That’s great from your end, the service is ever ready to take in capable and ready individuals to aid the overall attainment of her set goals.

It is on this basis that the Kenya Prisons recruitment is been conducted and applications are invited from interested persons.

2024 KPS Recruitment Form

Completing an application form is part of the things candidates must do. This involves visiting KPS career portal, locate and download application form, then provide authentic and verifiable information into the spaces given.

When is Kenya Prisons Recruitment 2024 Starting?

At the time of writing this, there is no certainty regarding when the Kenya Prisons recruitment will start, but we suggest it will be soon. However, the application form for the Kenya Prisons recruitment is out and ongoing.

Vacant Positions

There are tons of open positions in Kenya Prisons Service (KPS) that has mandated this recruitment exercise, and below are the positions:

1. Technicians/Professional 

  • Clinical Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Nursing Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Public Health Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Radiographers III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Pharmaceutical Technologists III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Community Oral Health Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Health Records Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  • Laboratory Technologists III (PG 3)
  • Nutritionists III/II (PG 3)
  • Animal Health Officers (PG 3)
  • Information-Communication Technology Officers III (PG 3)
  • Housekeepers/Caterers II (PG 3)
  • P1 Tutors (PG 2)
  • Early-Childhood Development Officers (PG 1)
  • Cooks (PG 1)
  • Bands Men (PG 1)

2. Artisans

  • Masonry or Brick birthing (PG 1/2/3)
  • Construction or craft & Joinery (PG1/2/3 )
  • Tailoring, Dress creating, Fashion & Designing (PG1/2/3)
  • Fitter General (PG 1/2/3)
  • Architects Assistants (PG1/2/3)
  • Metal employees (PG 1/2/3)
  • Wood/Stone carvers (PG 1/2/3)
  • Leather Works (PG 1/2/3)
  • Electrical Assistants (PG1/2/3)
  • Painting & sign writers (PG1/2/3)
  • Plant Technicians (PG 1/2/3)
  • Plumbers/Water offer Operators (PG 1/2/3)
  • Draughtsman (PG 1/2/3)
  • Videographers (PG 1/2/3)
  • Hair and Beauty Therapist (PG 1/2/3)
  • Welding and fabrication (PG ½)

Eligibility Criteria

To get considered for any of the announced vacancies, below are the requirements you must meet. This includes age, educational qualification, skills and other factors.

Identification: Fundamentally, it is expected that all applicants of the Kenya Prisons recruitment must have a government issued ID that is still valid e.g. National ID, Passport etc.

Age: Only candidates within the ages of 18 to 28 years are permitted to apply.

Fitness: Candidates must come to recruitment centers with medical report stating that they’re physically and mentally fit to execute delegated responsibilities. Female applicants that are pregnant are not permitted to apply.

Both male and female applicants must be at least 5ft tall.

Ensure you state clearly your medical condition is any. Then you will be asked to present the originals of National ID, and clearance certificates from relevant bodies.

Kenya Prisons Recruitment 2024 Dates and Center

The recruitment process will officially commence from Tuesday, 8th February, 2023 across all the Counties . Below is the breakdown segmentations of how the recruitment will go.

1. MOMBASA1. LikoniLikoniLikoni (DC’s Office)8.00am
 2. MombasaMvitaMombasa (DC’s Office)2.00pm
 3. NyaliNyaliKongowea(DC’s Office)8.00am
 4. KisauniKisauniKisauni (DC’s Office)2.00pm
 5. ChangamweChangamweChangamwe (DC’s Office)8.00am
 6. JomvuJomvuMikindani (DC’s Office)2.00pm
2. KWALE7. MatugaMatugaKwale (DC’s Office)8.00am
 8. KinangoKinangoKinango (DC’s Office)2.00pm
 9. LungalungaLungaLungaLunga Lunga Pri. School8.00am
 10. MsambweniMsambweni    Ma-Msambweni (DC’s Office)2.00pm
  konde Community  
3. KILIFI11. GanzeGanzeGanze (DC’s Office)8.00am
 12. Kilifi SouthKilifi SouthKikambala (DC’s Office)2.00pm
 13. Kilifi NorthKilifi NorthBahari Stadium/Kilifi8.00am
 14. KaloleniKaloleniKaloleni (DC’s Office)2.00pm
 15. RabaiRabaiRabai (DC’s Office)8.00am
 16. ChonyiKilifi SouthMwembekati(DC’s Office)2.00pm
 17. MalindiMalindiMalindi (DC’s Office)8.00am
 18. MagariniMagariniMarafa (DC’s Office)2.00pm
4. TANA RIVER19. Tana RiverGaloleHola (DC’s Office)8.00am
 20. Tana DeltaGarsenGarsen (DC’s Office)8.00am
 21. Tana NorthBuraBura (DC’s Office)8.00am
5. LAMU22. Lamu EastLamu EastFaza (DC’s Office)8.00am
 23. Lamu WestLamu WestMpeketoni (DC’s Office)8.00am
 24. Lamu CentralLamu EastAmu (DC’s Office)8.00am
6. TAITA TAVETA25. VoiVoiVoi (DC’s Office)8.00am
 26. TaitaWundanyiWundanyi (DC’s Office)2.00pm
 27. TavetaTavetaTaveta (DC’s Office)8.00am
 28. MwatateMwatateMwatate (DC’s Office)2.00pm
7. GARISSA29. GarissaGarissa TownshipGarissa (DC’s Office)8.00am
 30. LagderaLagderaModogashe (DC’s Office)8.00am

Recruitment Process

There is a thought out process for Kenya Prisons recruitment exercise and all candidates must participate in other to get to the final stage of selection. This entire process is based on transparency and honesty, therefore do your best as you pass through each stage.

1. Announcement by KPS: The process begins with an announcement by the management of the prison service about job opportunities. This could be made known to the general public either by the print media, official website or social media.

2. Submission of Application: Prior to this announcement, persons interested in the positions will submit an application by visiting the online career portal.

3. Shortlisting of Successful Applicants: Usually, deadline is given for submission after which KPS will review submitted applications and then release names of successful applicants.

4. Screening and Interview: Thereafter shortlisted candidates will be invited for screening and interview with involves validation of certificates/documents and other data.

5. Training: Upon successful screening, candidates will be trained for a certain period most likely 3 months before been inducted into the service.

6: Deployment: When the training period elapse, candidates will be assigned with responsibilities.

In addition to this, ensure you provide official data such as name, address, date of birth etc. Avoid submitting application for more than one position, the documents you upload must be according to the required size.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Get started by going to KPS career portal, choose the position you wish to apply, create an account on the portal, login to fill the application form carefully, scan and attach documents/certificates specified on the portal, review your application and then submit.

Deadline for Submission

Applications are to be submitted latest 9th February, 2023 and candidates who do not adhere shall be disqualified. In conclusion, applying for Kenya Prisons recruitment may look quite stressful and competitive but with the steps and information provided on this page, you can easily ace the process.

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